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September 5, 2007


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Many who are “C” students in college go on to be huge successes in life. What most of them have in common is that they do not care about grades. Some of them are so smart that they would have done well whether or not they went to college. Others can focus on the essential and master that and ignore the rest. Others take advantage of the intellectual ambiance and invest themselves in dialogue with the smart people who are to be found on campus. Still others are more interested in sex and/or athletics and devellop focus and interpersonal skills in those pursuits. To some extent, getting good grades is uncritically regurgitating back what the professor has said. George W. Bush was a “C” student at Yale because professors were told not to flunk him.

Some people are late bloomers because they spend much of their early life in some way in preparation for later success. Tom Clancy was a relatively unsuccessful insurance salesman into his 40s who had immersed himself all his life in thriller novels and movies before he hit the big time with his own novels. Many actors first starve while learning the trade before they finally get their lucky break. Luck is where opportunity and preparation meet. George W. Bush is an example of incredible opportunity and NO preparation. He lost about three million dollars of others people’s money in the oil drilling business and finally left with almost one million in his pocket.

George W. Bush DID know some people though. His high achieving father had paid his dues over many years and knew a lot of important people. Consequently so did George W. Bush.

When it came time for the Neoconservatives to find a front for their nefarious activities, George W. Bush was an attractive choice. The one thing GW Bush is smart about is elective politics. He was the manager of his father’s successful presidential campaign in 1988. GW Bush had little interest in foreign or domestic affairs except as they were related to getting elected. His grasp of policy was at best superficial and incomplete. That was a perfect combination for the Neocons. He could get elected and once elected, he would need to rely on them for direction and instruction.

So it is not what you know but WHO you know.



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  2. At last ! Someone appreciated this post from last Sept. Thank you

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