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December 8, 2007


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GW Bush was put in the White House by Neoconservatives specifically to invade Iraq .

This statement is based not on hearsay but on direct testimony by Bush White House insiders.

Google: Paul O’Neill, Richard A. Clark, Lawrence Wilkerson, Downing Street Memo, PNAC

Note that Cheney, Rumsfeld ,Wolfowitz, Bolton and basically all of GW Bush’s top advisors were in PNAC , a Neocon think tank that advocated a massive military build-up, aggressive foreign policy to make the USA the dominant world power in the 21st century. PNAC even went on record 13 months before 9/11 saying that a catastrophic catalyzing event -a new Pearl Harbor would expedite their agenda. Suggesting that Cheney and Rumsfeld had both motive and opportunity to tamper with our defense for 8 months prior to 9/11 in order to allow 9/11 to succeeed. This does not prove anything but there is infinately more linking Cheney and Rumsfeld than Saddam to 9/11.

The members of the Project For a New American Century (PNAC) had their agenda prepared and published before they propped up an uninformed, inexperienced, failed businessman named George W. Bush as their poster candidate.
He had great appeal among the good ole boys and the bible thumpers who were not very likely to vote for the scowling man behind the curtain, Dick Cheney.

George W. Bush had not been sitting around for the previous 10 years thinking about foreign policy. Rather, he was being coached on foreign policy by handlers who had to teach him that Africa was a continent and not a country.

What crime did GW Bush commit? He lied us in to a fiasco that has resulted in getting thousands killed needlessly, trashed the international standing of the USA and doubled the national debt.


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