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January 1, 2008


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THE ONLY EXPERIENCE EDWARDS HAS HAD IS SUING DOCTORS AND RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. His 6 years in the US Senate is remarkable only for his vote for the Iraq fiasco and being gung-ho for the war.

On the positive side for Edwards is that he has a lot of raw talent. His success in getting juries to award huge settlements to plaintiffs is a result of his ability to focus, his photographic memory, eloquence and hard work.

Edwards has no track record of working effectively in government. There is no evidence that he will have the same success with colleagues and foreign nations that he had with juries. Juries may be comparable with voters but not with the players in government and governments.

Much of what Edwards says is heartfelt, consistant and sincere. Indeed he has told people what they want to hear about the 2 Americas and it was what they want to hear and made sense. My problem with him is that it is very unclear that he is capable of the same degree of success in government as he was capable of before juries in court.

When Edwards voted for the war and when he continued to support the march toward war, he was telling people what they wanted to hear. When the war became unpopular, he changed his mind.

I would submit that Obama has much more experience than Edwards and better judgement as a result of that experience than Hillary.


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