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February 2, 2008


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HILLARY thought that Iraq posed an imminent danger to the USA and voted for the Iraq war. The following facts were known at the time in 2002.

1. In 1991 basically the whole world, including most Arab nations, rose up as one to throw Saddam out of Kuwait.

2. The Iraqi army was easily vanquished by Desert Storm.

3. The USA spent more on the military than THE NEXT 12 COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD COMBINED.

4.Even if ,indeed, Iraq had obtained nuclear weapons and the means of deliviering them, it would be no match for the massive arsenal of the USA.

Therefore it would have been reasonable to assume that given the above ,that Saddam, however evil he might be, was neither stupid enough nor crazy enough to attack the USA.

Barack Obama was one of the very few Americans with clout that opposed the Iraq invasion. Unfortunately, he did not have as much clout as Hillary Clinton, John McCain and GW Bush.


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