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April 19, 2008

Obama should tap Richardson

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Obama should tap Richardson (In THE Arizona Republic by Steve and Ellie Berliner)
Apr. 19, 2008 12:00 AM

If Barack Obama is the nominee, the most realistic, electable, “dream” Democratic ticket would be Obama/Richardson, not Obama/Clinton.

Consider the attributes Bill Richardson would bring as the vice-presidential nominee. First, an obvious strengthening of appeal to Hispanic-American voters Second, a Southwest, geographic balance to Obama’ Chicago/Eastern flavor. Third, successful international diplomatic experience, not the least of which was his stint as our ambassador to the United Nations.

Fourth, he brings top executive/administrative experience as New Mexico’s governor, Fifth, he brings expertise in energy matters gained as secretary of Energy in the Clinton administration.

There’s a final positive point in a Richardson vice-presidential nomination; one not often talked about. Voting margins in the Senate will be critical for Democrats, even with an election that garners an additional seat or two for the party. To consider a sitting senator for the VP slot could take a vote away on critical matters. That’s a potential problem that would be eliminated with a Richardson nomination. – Steve and Ellie Berliner,Buckeye


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