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April 25, 2008

A McCain Moment: Do we Want Four More Years of This?

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Consider this. Ladies and gentlemen

Posted March 24, 2008 Arianna Huffington

If our polarized country can agree on one thing, it’s that the greatest danger facing America over the next decade will not be Islamic extremism and instability in the Middle East, but rather Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. That’s just “common knowledge,” right?

So it only makes sense that the media have focused non-stop on this looming threat while paying scant attention to the fact that the presumptive Republican nominee for president apparently doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on in the Middle East.

For those who were too busy watching Rev. Jeremiah Wright damn America for the 10,000th time to hear about McCain, let’s review: at a stop in Jordan last week, McCain made the ludicrous claim that Al Qaeda insurgents were being trained in Iran*. Asked again about it, he dug in deeper, claiming it was “common knowledge and has been reported in the media that al-Qaeda is going back into Iran and receiving training and are coming back into Iraq from Iran, that’s well known.”

A few moments later, McCain’s chief lady in waiting, Joe Lieberman, leaned forward and whispered in his ear. McCain promptly offered a quick rewrite: “I’m sorry, the Iranians are training extremists, not al-Qaeda.”

Now, it’s been widely reported that, heading into the Iraq war, George Bush had no clue about the differences between Sunni and Shia. But that was 2003, and it was George Bush. This is five years later and we’re talking about John McCain. But it turns out this acclaimed foreign policy expert doesn’t know the difference between Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda in Iraq, Sunni insurgents, Iran and Syria. Or, perhaps more charitably, he’s doesn’t care to know.

Yes, John McCain is a war hero, and yes, we’re all grateful for his service during the Vietnam war. But as McCain’s embarrassing foreign fact-finding fiascos make clear: having acted heroically in a foreign war does not magically translate into foreign policy expertise and judgment.


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