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May 8, 2008


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To call McCain a war hero is an insult to the thousands who actually were war heroes. McCain has spun the 20 hours that he spent in actual combat into 28 medals, no doubt some philandering scores when he got back and a whole political career.

McCain’s 23 combat missions were honorable and probably commendable but not heroic or exceptional. He lost at least 3 navy planes because of his own errors. He got into and through USNA and flight school because he had a father and grandfather who were 4 star admirals.

McCain has personity traits that would hurt him (and us) in the role of President. They include a hot temper, superstitiousness and compulsive gambling.

How can people insist that characteristics of people that Obama has known are automatically shared by Obama and would impact his performance as President AND TOTALLY DISREGARD QUALITIES THAT McCAIN CLEARLY HAS AND SUPPOSE THAT THEY WOULD NOT ENTER INTO HIS DECISION MAKING PROCESSES?



  1. Hey Doc,

    Look at this from Brave New films.
    Does a man similar to George Bush in intelligence, having suffered the Hanoi Hilton and with a spiritual advisor in this film possible have an axe to grind?
    God help us.

    Comment by Puddy Dunne — May 8, 2008 @ 11:52 pm

  2. Are you suggesting that McCain started out as smart as GW Bush and then left some of his marbles at the Hanoi Hilton?

    Comment by gasdocpol — May 9, 2008 @ 12:31 am

  3. I guess I would say that I don’t believe he is a extraordinary thinker. And I wonder if there were another candidate running who had been, let’s say kidnapped held for ransome, truamatized, abused physically and mentally, would we rule them out immediately. But because he was a POW and a war hero we treat it differently.

    I can’t know his state of mind but the bomb bomb bomb iran song, the 100 year occupation comment makes me think that we might be considering electing the American version of Idi Amin. Your thoughts?

    Comment by Puddy Dunne — May 9, 2008 @ 1:40 pm

  4. McCain has gotten incredible mileage from the 20 hours he spent in combat. John Glenn, who besides his exploits as an astronaut, flew 150 combat missions in all and shot down MIGs over Korea, never got that kind of war hero status. The average Air Force pilot flew 100 combat missions in Vietnam and many Navy pilots flew over 300. McCain flew 23 combat missions that were neither unusual nor heroic. I attribute his hot shot womanizing life style, his hot temper and the fact that he was decended from two four star admirals that gave the illusion that he was a warrior and a war hero.

    1. His place at the bottom of his class at the USNA argues against but does not rule out that he is an extraordinary thinker.

    2. The fact that he has been in the Senate 26 years and brags about his experience while still confusing Sunnis, Shiites and Al Qaeda makes me think that his claim to meaningful experience is just as phoney as his claim to be a war hero.

    3. There have been men like Jomo Kenyatta and Nelson Mendella who became great leaders after imprisonment. But others, like “Papillon” who spent 14 years on Devil’s Island who would not. Pappy Boyington , who was a war super hero also was a POW but anyone who saw Robert Duvall’s Academy Award winning portrayal of him in “The Great Santini” would not want him to be President. (Well, most people anyway,hopefully)

    4. McCain is an uncerebral superstitious compulsive gambler with a hot temper. He would be a disaster as president-possibly worse than GW Bush.

    Comment by gasdocpol — May 9, 2008 @ 2:54 pm

  5. I regret that I have mercilessly attacked The Bush/Clinton Dynasty. As a real quiet Christian at heart, my blog and website allow me to exorcize the demons that haunt me. What I feel we are witnessing is the worst stacked deck of candidates I have seen in fifty years.

    Your information and insight corroberates my feelings. I feel he cannot win the election but find myself with a feeling of the same failed policies with any of these candidates.

    I too hate GWB’s and cronies dismantling of our foreign policy, but remember when GHWB said the New World Order. I had no idea then that it was the beginning of the end for America, Freedom, Liberty and the awakening of Elitists who look to take a Zionist vision and turn it into a Global Control Program.

    My three closent friends are Jews (real Jews) and they agree with me that the Israeli, American and European elites are wealthy enough and smart enough to pull it off. Did you see the video of that Pastor Parsley? It’s astounding people sit for this trash. Are you still in Europe? I have thought about leaving as well.

    Comment by Puddy Dunne — May 9, 2008 @ 11:59 pm

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