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July 20, 2008

OK… Why did Obama stay in Rev. Wright’s Church almost 20 years?

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1. Maybe Rev. Wright had a lot of valid things to say and Obama did not want to throw out the baby with the washwater. I would consider this to be a valuable trait :to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, to find common ground where others find only conflict, to look at a pile of information or input and to sort out what is good and valid and what is bad and invalid.

Indeed if you read his Oct 2002 speech you can see how he did this. He took readily available information and said in effect “2+2=4 and Iraq would be a dumb war”

Hillary said in effect “2+2 might equal 4 but then it might not. So we had better invade.”

McCain said in effect “2+2 = 5 Charge! ” (google what they were all saying in Oct 2002)

2. Obama had a personal connection with Wright. Wright was the person who had helped him to see God in a special way. Wright was his mentor when he was just getting started as a community organizer . They probably worked together and Obama learned things that helped him working with people in the community.


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