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July 22, 2008


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McCain is emotional. He manages to hide his true personna in public. Besides his well known anger management problem, he is given to rituals (lucky shoes, lucky objects…) and superstitions. For most people, gambling is a self-defeating flaw. Now if McCain were a math genius, I could imagine that rational risk-taking might be a plus. Math and science were never his strong suits. His fist-fights in high school earned him the nickname of Punk McNasty.
Some of these traits actually could be advantageous at the tactical level but not at the strategic level (which is where the commander-in-chief operates) I submit that the average person does not clearly appreciate the difference between strategy and tactics.

McCain operates disproportionately at the emotional centers of the brain like the amygdala and hippocampus. Apparently he is able to connect with people at that level. Obama is more at the cerebral cortex.

Some people see McCain as another George Patton. There are some very important differences. At West Point, Patton was a spit and polish prick (McCain was a raunchy, rowdy constant discipline problem who got through because his father and grandfather 4 star admirals). Patton was heavily into personal and military discipline. Patton would not have made a good president either but at least he was a solid warrior. McCain may have had some potential as a warrior at the grunt level. He has been able to fraudulently promote his image as a war hero. At best he was a survivor.


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