Liberalscum Buster

August 13, 2008


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OK…. RONALD REAGAN HAD SOME AUTHENTICITY. AT LEAST HE COULD RIDE A HORSE. Actually he was a good horseman and he had common sense and had made something of himself coming from humble beginnings prior to entering government.

George W. Bush can barely ride a horse and the “Bush Ranch” is not even a working farm . It is a house in the country. He was born to privilege and wealth but was a drifter with a drinking problem until he was 40 then a failed businessman until he was adopted as the front for the Neocons.

The members of the Project For a New American Century (PNAC) had their agenda prepared and published before they propped up an uninformed, inexperienced, failed businessman named George W. Bush as their poster candidate. He had great appeal among the good ole boys and the bible thumpers who were not very likely to vote for the scowling man behind the curtain, Dick Cheney. George W. Bush had not been sitting around for the previous 10 years thinking about foreign policy. Rather, he was being coached on foreign policy by handlers who had to teach him that Africa was a continent and not a country.

The stated aims of PNAC can be followed from their war plans to their hopes of global military superiority. George W. Bush was not a factor when PNAC was writing its openly published policies. But once the 2000 election was secured, PNAC members became and remain the mainstay of the Bush administration, holding virtually every major position relating to foreign policy.

Now the Neocon have found a new figurehead. This time a new cowboy in the form of a “Maverick”

John McCain is GW Bush on steroids.
Americans in the aggregate decided that it would be cool to have a beer with Alfred E. Newman in 2000 and 2004. I hope that they will not want to have a beer with Yosemite Sam in 2008.


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