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August 13, 2008

Is ” Maverick”, McCain, turning into a trigger happy loose cannon?

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President Bush’s official heir, McCain, cranked up his aggressive rhetoric towards Hamas over the week-end. He stated : ” I will be Hamas’s worst nightmare…” and had the audacity to say that Hamas was supporting….Obama in the US elections.

This kind of conterproductive stances remind us of the one made by Bush when he told Iraqi’s insurgents to ” Bring it on…” a few years ago.

The overall situation in the Middle-East, thanks to the Bush administration reckless policy, is grim. Beside the Iraq fiasco, we have now a civil war brewing in Lebanon, still no prospect of resolution between Israel & Palestine and Turkey attacking Iraq’s Kurds within Iraq’s border.

Well, at least we know what to expect if McCain is elected; Another four years of ” My way or the highway” diplomacy and, yet, another trigger-happy Commander in Chief.

The choice is clear for American voters.

For more info about McCain’s statement on Hamas and Obama go read Harold Pollack’s article in the Huffington Post

Monday, May 12, 2008
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