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August 16, 2008


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Did he get into and through Columbia and Harvard Law because his father and grandfather had gone ahead of him and left a “legacy”? (As was the case of John McCain at USNA and in the Navy)

No!… Obama did well enough on his own at Columbia to get into Harvard Law and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Unlike McCain who despite his ancestry he was 895th in a class of 899 and argueably would not have ever finished without his father’s influence.

OK… Obama is book smart. So Was Neocon Douglas Feith, who was also Magna Cum laude at Harvard Law but who was called by General Tommy Franks “The most stupid person on the face of the earth”.

As for his October 2002 speech, Obama was not like a stopped clock (exactly right twice a day) It was NOT a result of some doctrinaire ultra left orientation. Among the first words out of his mouth were “I am not against all wars. I am against dumb wars” and he repeated this several times. He then took readily available information , organized it in a clear unambiguous way and predicted with uncanney accuracy just what was very likely to be the result of our invading Iraq.(google obama oct 2002 iraq to read his full speech)

In answering the question of whether to invade Iraq or nor, Obama needed to answer quite a few other questions correctly and with their results arrive at the final conclusion and course of action.* My definition of common sense is to be able to arrive at a valid, sound conclusion without special information, training or experience. THERE WERE MANY WHO HAD YEARS OF SPECIAL TRAINING AND DECADES OF EXPERIENCE WHO GOT IT WRONG. By that definition I conclude that Obama showed common sense.

Obama’s success occured because Obama is smart enough to recognise opportunity and acted decisively at many steps along the way. Don’t we want a President who can do that?

The fact that Obama is a good poker player says something to me. I am told that he reads others well and presumably knows when they are bluffing. Apparently he is not a big bluffer himself. Compare that with McCains compusive gambling at crap tables. By definition , one cannot be a long term winner at craps.

Obama is articulate. I have been a naval officer , have an MBA and was a physician for over 33 years. I have been around very smart people for most of my life. I see substance in what he says. Anyone who says that he is an empty suit either has an axe to grind or just does not understand what Obama is saying.

I have had training and experience in the military, business and medicine. I have seen the interaction and relationship between: training,experience, common sense, judgement and success. We cannot conclude that just because someone has been doing something for a long time means that he (she) is better than someone who has not been doing it as long.(Twenty years of experience is not the same as one year of experience 20 times)

My understanding of being a Senator is that Senators discuss things in committee and vote but do not take responsibility for making something go. Governors make things go but not Senators. Some men go from Congress to the White House well prepared (Truman, Johnson, Ford, and I think that Dole would have) It is not my impression that McCain has that depth and breath of knowledge. His top advisors Phil Gramm and Randall Scheunemann scare the Hell out of me but that is another story.

I agree that Obama seems unlikely and too good to be true. Until I learned the details of McCain’s life, I was pretty impressed. I have come to the conclusion that it it is McCain who is the empty suit and ironically the one we would be throwing the dice if we chose him. McCain is the ultimate crapshoot.

* This is like the written part of medical specialty certification for physicians. It is not possible to answer the questions by just knowing what is in the books. One must understand what is in the books and apply it to the situation. One must know what questions to ask and then based on the answers to those questions, arrive at the answer to a bigger question. It involves weighing the significance of factors, prioritizing considerations and prescribing appropriate action.



  1. McCain has basically had everything handed to him on a silver platter. (It’s like W. Where would he be without his family to pave the way?) Talk about elitist. Of course McCain did have to put out some self-effort in throwing out his first wife so he could marry the rich girl who could help buy him his first political post.

    Comment by Bruce — August 17, 2008 @ 6:42 pm

  2. McCain has spent a lifetime putting together his schtick . He he got away with being Punk McNasty in high school. He got away with being a raunchy rowdy partyboy at USNA. He got himself promoted as a war hero after 23 combat missions and 5 years as a POW during which time he sung like a canary.

    He parlayed that debateable war hero image into a career in the Senate where he has been a superstitious compusive gambler (crapshooting)with an anger management problem.

    His chief economics advisor is Phil Gramm (who was instrumental in the ENRON meltdown,the subprime mortgage crisis and oil futres trading deregulation that is partially responsible for the high price of oil.

    His foreign policy advisor is Randall Scheunemann who was a major force gewtting us in Iraq and was on the payroll of Republic of Georgia and McCain’s payroll at the same time.

    And somehow McCain is perceived as a a martyred saint

    Comment by gasdocpol — August 17, 2008 @ 7:48 pm

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