Liberalscum Buster

October 3, 2008


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A. Obama is a mole under deep cover poised to turn the USA over to Al Qaeda as soon as he takes office.

B. Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, said that the GW Bush White House was run by a Neoconservative cabal headed by Cheney and Rumsfeld.

1. PNAC wanted 9/11 to happen.

2. Cheney and Rumsfeld were charter members of PNAC.

3. Cheney and Rumsfeld were in a position to tamper with our defenses against 9/11 for over 8 months prior to 9/11.

4. No one benefitted from the US invasion of Iraq more than Iran and Al Qaeda.

5. So either Cheney and Rumsfeld were either
1. Deliberate traitors


2. Incredibly incompetent.


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