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October 31, 2008


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Obama’s global policy is rooted in cooperation with our allies and an attempt to first employ diplomacy with our adversaries, while still maintaining a strong military option. His approach of “negotiation and confrontation” first enumerated by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger offers far more favorable opportunities for strengthening America than the suspicion and enmity George Bush’s policies have engendered among friend and foe, which the policies of John McCain show no signs of changing.

McCain stresses a belligerent confrontationalism even more stark than Bush’s. When John McCain doesn’t approve of another country’s policies, he sees its government as an actual or potential foe, as in the case of Russia or even apparently NATO member Spain. He celebrates Iraq as central to the war on terror, which differs radically from the views of most of our allies. His policy on Iran is similar to the failed approach of Bush — talk loudly, but without a clear policy, which causes universal frustration. It is hard to understand how McCain’s policies would be more effective in the war on terrorism than Bush’s.

exerpted from Huntington Post
Posted October 30, 2008 | 09:30 PM (EST)
Why Obama Would Be Better on National Security than McCain


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